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Benefits to being insured with Assurance A. Jobin

  • We are independent brokers. Our status as independent brokers allows us to look after your best interests and not those of a specific insurance company.
  • We offer personalized service. We offer our clients services tailored to their needs unlike what call centres offer.
  • We represent several insurers. We partner with a range of insurance companies, not just one, providing our clients with significant choice.
  • We protect your interests. In the event of a claim, we will work for you to defend and protect your interests.
  • We offer a wide range of insurance products. Our products have been chosen among several insurers and will meet your needs.
  • We provide objective, expert advice. As independent brokers, we provide objective and unbiased advice.
  • Proximity and accessibility. We look forward to welcoming you in our easily accessible offices! 

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 Auto insurance is mandatory in Québec. So when it comes to choosing your coverage, why not pick the best coverage at the best price? ASSURANCE A. JOBIN & ASSOCIES INC. has various options available: you can be sure you’ll find one suited to your needs at a very competitive cost. We have a wide range of auto insurance programs!

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  • Commercial vehicle
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You can benefit from substantial savings by combining your car and home insurance with us. It’s simple and worth it !

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  • Students
  • Claims free drivers
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Members of a Professionnal Order or Association 

For more information, please communicate with one of our qualified broker who will be happy to help you and answer your questions during our office hours. 

Things to know about car insurance


The law in the majority of Canadian provinces requires that car owners must to be insured. Specific requirements and required coverage vary from province to province. 

Bodily injuries

Since March 1st 1978 in Quebec, the Automobile Insurance Act has made a distinction between applicable regulations to victims of bodily injuries and victims of material damages. In light of this, whether or not someone is liable for an accident with physical injuries, legal proceedings are not authorized unless the said accident occurred outside the province of Quebec. In both cases, the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec compensates each victim. 

Material damages

In accordance with the Automobile Insurance Act, any individual who owns a motor vehicle must have a liability insurance contract that amounts to a minimum of $50,000. It’s the Automobile Insurance’s F.P.Q. no1 (Formule des Propriétaires du Québec) Act that dictates the policy to insure motor vehicles. However, this protection is sold by private insurers.

If you wish to learn more about how compensation of material damages and bodily injuries works, we recommend that you visit the La Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) website or make an appointment with one of our representatives.

Your policy coverage

Your F.P.Q. no1 policy includes several types of coverages:

  • Third party liability
  • All perils
  • Collision or upset
  • Comprehensive excluding collision or upset
  • Specified perils

Third party Liability

The Third Party Liability coverage protects you if you are accountable for having caused bodily and material damages (outside Quebec) to others. Under the direct compensation agreement, this protection also covers you for damages caused to your vehicle when you are not responsible for the accident.

This coverage is valid both across the territory of Canada and the United States.

Did you know?

For a few dollars more per year, most drivers opt for a protection of $2,000,000 on their insurance policy. 

All perils

All perils is an optional coverage that insures your vehicle by combining collision or upset coverage and accidents without collision or upset. By choosing this option, the deductible remains the same for any damages that can occur. While usually optional, this coverage may be required if your vehicle is leased or purchased with financing. 

Collision or upset

This coverage protects you against material damages to your vehicle when you hit or are hit by an object or if the said vehicle tips over. Even if this coverage is optional, it may be required if your vehicle is leased or purchased with financing 

Comprehensive excluding collision or upset

This coverage protects you against the damages your vehicle suffers in case of damage other than collision or upset, such as broken windows, theft, fire, lightning, vandalism and other specified perils. This coverage is optional unless required by your leasing or financing agreement. Usually, this option is combined with the collision coverage if your vehicle still has a significant value. 

Specified perils

This optional coverage solely applies to perils specified in the contract, such as fire, lightning, hail and theft. 


Your Assurance A. Jobin & associés inc. insurance broker will be able to provide you with endorsements to complement your auto insurance contract according to your specific needs, which can be added or removed upon request. 


When buying a new or used vehicle, there are two types of coverages that can protect your investment.

Replacement cost

This type of coverage applies to your new vehicle for the period specified in your contract. In the event of theft or total loss, the vehicle will be replaced if non-repairable by a new one with the same features. If the vehicle can be repaired, this Replacement cost protection allows you to replace the non-repairable parts with genuine new parts. 

Replacement insurance

Since October 1, 2010, the replacement guarantee sold by car dealers was replaced by replacement insurance. Endorsement 43 – Change to loss payment remains in force. 


When an accident occurs, there are other endorsements that can make your life easier. For only a few dollars more, these additional forms of protection can spare you a lot of worries. 

Loss of use of your vehicle

If an accident occurs and deprives you of your vehicle, your insurance policy may cover car rental, taxi or public transportation expenses until you are able retrieve your vehicle. 

Rented or borrowed vehicle

Your auto insurer can cover you for damages you cause to the vehicle you rented or borrowed, whether it be a car, trailer or motor home, considering that your civil liability may be engaged. 

Accident benefits

At minimal cost, this insurance covers death, mutilation and medical expenses of the owner of the vehicle, spouse and dependent children for bodily injuries sustained following an automobile accident. 


Whether it is a question of travelling or putting your vehicle in storage, your Assurance A. Jobin   & associés inc. insurance broker will be happy to inform you on other available types of coverages. Feel free to contact us to find the right auto insurance policy that is tailored to your needs.

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