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  • Commercial vehicle
  • Businesses goods
  • Civil Liability
  • Surety Bonds
  • Equipement Breakdown
  • Other products 

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ASSURANCE A. JOBIN & ASSOCIES INC. seeks creative insurance solutions specifically for businesses. Representing several reputable insurance companies, the firm has built over the years a solid expertise in the area of insurance for businesses. This represents a substantial business segment of the firm. Offering extensive choices of products, Assurance A. Jobin & Associés Inc. meets the requirements of several types of businesses and corporations by offering an extensive portfolio of products.

Offered services


  • Garage owner
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Car pools
  • Fleet of vehicle
  • Road transportation 


  • Retailers
  • Merchants
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Business Owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Industries
  • Real-Estate
  • Condominiums


  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Umbrella liability
  • Liability for directors and officers



General advice

Most of the problems which appear during a claim can be avoided if the following precautions are taken;

  • Always inform the insurance company or your broker of a change in your activities. Note that a wrong or incomplete description of them may invalidate your warranty.
  • Verify if the insurance company knows the kind of construction of your buildings and its activities.
  • An inaccuracy in the description of your locations can be a motive to invalidate the guarantee.
  • Keep an updated inventory of all your goods and do not forget to consider your tenant improvements in your insurance limit on content.
  • Get a professional evaluation of your possessions by a firm of certified evaluators and proceed an annual update of those evaluations.
  • Your contract can contain a co-insurance clause with percentage. If the limit of insurance of your possessions is lower then the real value thereof, you will be penalized by this clause during a claim.
  • All insurance policies contain exclusions even “All Perils” policies. Take notice of them. If you have any reasons for believing that one of the exclusions could represent a particular risk in your case, please inform us about it.
  • Communicate to the insurance company any circumstances surrounding an event which could ensue in a claim and involve any coverage of your insurance policy. You must immediately send to the insurance company any procedural document, including notices and summonses.
  • Always inform the insurance company or your broker of any circumstances which could aggravate the risks stipulated in your insurance policy.
  • Be assure that all the names under which you exercise your activities are mentioned on your policies.
  • Follow all recommendations of the insurance company.
  • Do we have information on all the sites you operate and where you store goods or merchandise belonging to you or that you rent?
  • Take note to inform the insurance company or broker before interrupting your prevention systems.
  • Revise your amount of insurance periodically including the limit for liability, which can also be increased until 5,000,000$.
  • Always ask for proof of insurance from your subcontractors 
  • Some optional coverages 
  • Business interruption insurance
  • The operating losses endorsement aims at compensating for the loss of income in the eventuality where the possessions or goods of the company would be destroyed or damaged by a covered risk.
  • The company has to maintain its credibility with his (her) creditors, with his (her) bank and with his (her) suppliers. Without a good financing or a sufficient guarantee in operating losses, it is the existence of the company that is in stake.
  • Replacement cost value
  • It is generally possible to insure the building and the equipment based on the replacement cost value. However, do not forget to raise the limitations enough to avoid penalties due to the clause of proportional ruling.
  • Boiler and machinery
  • Equipment Breakdown insurance is a form of property insurance. Its purpose is to protect against financial loss - property damage, business interruption and perishable products - resulting from an "accident" to equipment under pressure, mechanical or electrical. Fire insurance policies and extended coverage or property policies "All Risks" does not cover equipment breakdown and the resulting damage.
  • Liability for directors and officers
  • As a company director or officer, you can be held personally responsible for acts or omissions committed in the discharge of your duties or for losing or mismanaging corporate assets.
  • Consider all the lawsuits, unjustified dismissals and financial problems that stem from mergers and acquisitions, transfers, sales and corporate reorganizations.

Some optional endorsements available

  • Sewer back-up endorsement
  • Earthquake endorsement
  • Flood endorsement
  • By-Laws endorsement
  • Glass and exterior signs endorsement
  • Money and security including employees dishonesty endorsement
  • Equipment and stock in  transit endorsement 

For more information, please communicate with one of our qualified broker who will be happy to help you and answer your questions during our office hours.

Things to know about commercial insurance


To ensure the proper functioning of operations in your company and its ultimate success, it is essential to be equipped with the right insurance. Your broker will be able to help you assess your business needs and make the right choice among the range of products available to cover your goods and assets.

Do you work in retail, construction, manufacturing or other industry sectors? Do you have a home business? Regardless of the sector in which you work as an entrepreneur, your insurance broker will provide you with advice and suggest coverage that’s adapted to the needs of your business. Are your goods exposed to specific risks? Assurance A. Jobin & associés inc. also provides you with non-standard products. 

Preventing risks

Company owners must be aware of risks to which they expose themselves. Experts in loss prevention that we represent are able to evaluate the problems that may affect your business. The goal is to prevent damages before they occur and we do so by offering ways to minimize or eliminate possible risks.


If you need surety bonds to guarantee your services, we can provide you with the proper support. Assurance A. Jobin & associés inc. offers business owners various bonds: bid bonds, administration bonds, lost documents bonds and others.

In the event of loss

Commercial insurance is essential to help you resume business as soon as possible in the event of loss. 


Contact us to learn more about the insurance solutions available to you before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. At Assurance A. Jobin & associés inc., we can inform you on the kind of commercial insurance that is best for you and that will contribute to your success.

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